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Is the PS5 Finally Getting Bluetooth Support? Well, Not Really...

We may be bias, being a retailer of Bluetooth 5+ Low Latency earphones and headphones but seriously, what is up with Bluetooth support on modern consoles?

First we had the Nintendo Switch launch without native Bluetooth support forcing us to use adapters (Which were admittedly fantastic for local co-op thanks to Multipoint) and then the PS5 has cemented the trend with no pairing for your own devices.

But, with the PlayStation Portal arriving soon and handheld gaming being so reliant on wireless audio, surely things are looking up? Learn all about PlayStation Bluetooth here, although I warn you it isn't great news.

PS5 Doesn't Have Bluetooth?

First of all let's remind ourselves of the current situation. It might be a surprise to many of you but PS5 does not have native support through the system menus to pair a Bluetooth device. From earbuds to headsets and even stereo speakers, Bluetooth pairing is off-limits.

Similar to the release of the Nintendo Switch, you'll find no paring menu or ability to add your own devices no matter how long you stare at Audio or devices settings.

So, what's changing?

The PlayStation Portal and Pulse

The big change in the Bluetooth landscape for Sony right now is the announcement that the PlayStation Portal, Sony's handheld second-monitor for PS5, will feature connection to a pair of unique PlayStation Bluetooth earbuds.

The earbuds boast the low latency and fast connection which we have been enjoying for years on other devices, now in the Sony package.

The real revelation is that, with the advent of Bluetooth audio device connections, there is possibility for the PS5 and Portal to have native support unlocked for us to use ourselves, since Sony's own devices are clearly benefitting from a Bluetooth audio codec...

PlayStation Still Does Not Have Native Bluetooth

The short answer is no, the revelation of the Pulse does not mean PlayStation consoles will be compatible with our own Bluetooth headsets and earpieces. Even the Pulse themselves come with a USB adapter, essentially no different to the ones we have just restocked in Bluetooth 5.2+aptX! Even with the official product, an adapter is needed to facilitate its use with the console.

So, our own method of connecting our own devices mirrors that. Use a Bluetooth adapter for PS5 audio if you can, as native support is a dream that is destined to remain a dream.

PS5 Bluetooth Adapters Available Now

Since we'd all have to be using an adapter anyway, there's not much point waiting for release. Pick up an adapter below to stream high-fidelity Bluetooth 5.0 audio to your own headphones and earphones without the brand premium. If the Pulse connected without an adapter I'd have wholeheartedly recommended them, but as it stands it appears that exclusivity is the name of Sony's game when it comes to wireless audio.

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