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Freeview Updates and News September 2023

Welcome back to our Daffodil dive into Freeview! Not only are the latest channel changes here as usual, but there's a more dramatic change in the Freeview landscape too...

Freeview have announced the decommission of a Freeview transmitter tower! Obviously this will have a huge affect on the local area and will require residents to re-tune to get their channels back.

Remember to check our Freeview News feed to catch up on previous updates if it’s been a while since you re-tuned last.

Learn all about the decision and the effects below the regular update

Freeview Channel Updates September August 23rd to September 13th

Since our last update on August 23rd there has been far less channel shifting and new numbers to remember. However, the standard culprit is on the move again...

That's right: GREAT! channels are shifting around with GREAT! Romance and GREAT! Romance+1 changing their names to:

GREAT! Christmas and GREAT! Christmas+1. While I have an existential crisis because we aren't even past Halloween yet, let alone Christmas, let me tell you that these channels can be found on Freeview 52 and 63, respectively.

If, for some reason, you want to watch a Christmas channel in September.

The most recent channel change was September 7th, and before that September 2nd 2023.

Channels Shutting Down in September

The biggest change of the past fortnight or so is the news that renowned kids TV channel CITV is shutting down! CITV was home to Thunderbirds, Sooty and Scooby-Doo along with DC animated series' and some Looney Tunes for good measure.

The broadcast service was an eclectic mix and suited kids and adults alike of all backgrounds and ages. The final broadcast was on September 1st, with a dramatic and emotional final showing of "The Rubbish World Of Dave Spud" (Wouldn't have been my choice of a farewell program, but alas) before the channel became decommissioned.

This channel is therefore no longer accessible through Freeview tuning using a Set Top Box or TV Tuner. However, for those of you sorely needing the alternative kids TV channel the ITVX app and streaming service are hosting the programs still.

It's sad to see the shows shift to an "always online" format of streaming, as Freeview digital broadcasts are still vital to making TV accessible to people without fast internet or internet access at all!

Pressure Map for the UK with High Pressure System in the West

The Third Wave of High Pressure Weather

In the weeks since our last update, the heatwave has reared its head again. Now, I know half of you are running out there extremely happy that we are "finally getting summer" and "love the sun" but many of us were happily moving on to the lovely "cool-but-not-cold" of Autumn!

For the 50% of you that are as annoyed at the heat as I, I'm afraid it also causes Freeview signal issues. Just like before, in our article here, the high-pressure weather system causing the heat and humidity is expected to wreak havoc on re-tuning, signal reception and stable transmissions.

With the upcoming news about the destruction of a Freeview transmitter tower, some people may be left without any Freeview signal for a short while.

Freeview Tower Destruction Planned

Finally, and perhaps most dramatically, a Freeview relay tower in Felling will be deactivated and destroyed. Anyone receiving signal from that specific tower will, of course, lose access to Freeview reception.

To regain reception you'd normally run an auto-scan or even a manual search for the frequency of the next-closest tower, but as we just saw the heatwave is causing interference.

If you are affected by the Felling tower destruction, do not re-scan right away.

It may be best to wait until the weather systems calm down, as retuning right away may result in only partial signals as your box tries to not only switch transmitter, but fight with the weather.

The closure of the Felling tower isn't until September 18th, so you have time to work out if you'll be affected and maybe even manually retune to a different tower before the demolition.

If you are unable to retune without your roof aerial being physically adjusted and pivoted to a new tower, the BBC and Freeview will actually arrange this for you in some cases, so have a look at their website if you are in the catchment zone for Felling.

Until Next Time

As always, we hope this information found you all well (If not a little too hot). Stay safe in the heat and, if you're planning to re-tune soon maybe hold off until the pressure has passed.

Remember that those missing CITV can access it through the App and online streaming. Although I personally feel that broadcasting digitally; without any pre-requisite accounts or internet or apps, is the better way to watch.

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