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What Does True Wireless Earbuds Mean? Wireless vs True Wireless

True Wireless Earbuds are an evolution in portability and versatility for wireless audio. Surrounding yourself in the music you love no matter where you go or what you do is at the core of the technology. Learn how "True Wireless" is different to standard Wireless earbuds and then save a few quid with the best budget true wireless earphones!

What Is True Wireless?

True Wireless Earbuds are made of 3 key parts: The Earbuds, The Charging Case and the Bluetooth Chip. Together this makes the earbuds wireless for days on end, even while charging!

1. The Earbuds

The first way that true wireless earbuds work is by local wireless communication between themselves, and your audio source. Rather than each earbud being connected by a wire that rests around your neck, the earbuds are entirely separate units.

Unlike headphones, there's no spine holding each earpiece together. They can be popped in and out easily with absolutely no attachments whatsoever.

2. The Charging Case

Once the earbuds were made wireless from each other the next issue is charging. Little earbuds (some as small as 4mm across!) can't have very big batteries, so recharging them is a fact of use. So how do True Wireless earbuds remain truly wireless?

The Charging Case is the solution, and is a small, portable power pack of sorts. The pack opens up and is specifically designed for the earbuds. The earbuds slot in, with a magnetic charging point ensuring that even here, no wires are used. This increases charging efficiency as well as ease-of-use.

The charging case itself will hold 3-5 recharges. This means if your earbuds need charging after 5 hours of use then you have 15 - 25 hours of total playback time by using the charging case. All of this is without needing a plug socket or charging point, which is what makes the True Wireless Earbuds so unique.

The charging case is perhaps the most important development for wireless earbuds in recent years, expanding the range of use and the range of your journeys as you can stray further and further from a charging point.

3. Bluetooth 5.0+ Chips

Finally, with the Earbuds being wireless from each other and wireless from charging, the Bluetooth 5.0+ connectivity makes sure you can connect your audio sources themselves wirelessly.

Whether indulging in some portable gaming on the commute or cooking along to your favourites in the kitchen, Bluetooth 5.0 allows fast, high-quality audio from a wide range of audio sources. No matter what the day brings, Bluetooth connectivity ensures you can use our earbuds through it all; completely wirelessly!

Budget True Wireless Earbuds

So, those 3 pillars are what make True Wireless Earbuds. True Wireless is simply a description of tech which can not only connect and be used wirelessly, but also recharge wirelessly too!

The culmination of all these technologies and design philosophies might seem like it would be found only in expensive, specialised gadgets like the brand-exclusive Apple Airpods and such. However, technology should be available to everyone who would benefit and so there are high-quality True Wireless Earbuds available in the UK for under £50 a pair! Complete with the charging case and changeable silicone ear tips. Removing a brand name and focussing on the technology itself can save a pretty penny, so if the freedom of True Wireless Earbuds are calling you then check out this list of budget pairs.

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