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10 Camping Essentials for Spring Summer 2023

While snow in March is a yearly thing now, apparently, it is fast going to subside and turn milder. I won’t say tropical, but with the determination of us to get out and explore, camp, (catch up on TV), spend time away from work and the electricity bills any temperature above 10 is positively paradisiacal.

Explore the best August and Daffodil products to help make your trip fun, easy, safe and hassle-free with a range of accessible and easy-to-use technologies developed for day-to-day use.

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Portable TVs

USB TV Tuners

Car Power Adapters

USB and Storage HUBS

World-Proof Bluetooth Speakers

Flameless Lighters

Tech Carry Cases

Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

CareMate Health Smart Watches

Wireless Electric Air Pumps

1) A Portable TV (and a Portable Aerial (Preferably Amplified))

The joys of nature and the sounds of wildlife are fantastic audio-visual stimulus. For the times we get rained in our tents, to the times we pull over and call it a night in the car itself, to all the times we rushed back to camp and frantically started the heater - a Portable TV serves as a way to stay entertained, informed and relaxed even when the weather turns on us!

Using just a high gain portable aerial, portable TV has a wide range of benefits even if you have a phone or tablet. No internet required, and full access to 100 + Freeview channels with an in-built tuner just to name a couple.

Keep caught up and stay on top of recording shows even when you’re on the road or up a mountain somewhere. Even before the camping starts you can give a portable TV like this to kids in the back seats of the car for entertainment on the way. Load up a USB of curated content and let them enjoy themselves as you focus on driving.

2) USB TV Tuner

If a portable TV isn’t your thing and you want to travel light by using the screens you are already taking (Phones, Laptops, Tablets etc) then you can use an adapter to transform those devices in to TVs! Set up a USB TV Tuner with your Laptop or Phone to access TV as if you had a set with you, all through your mobile and a small USB port device. Make sure you still bring an aerial!

3) Car Power Adapter

Car Camping wouldn’t last long without an array of ports to charge devices from. While some cars have USB ports in-built, it’s more likely you’ll need an adapter. These can be tailored for your TV if you have a compatible device like the August 9 and 10-inch devices or TVs and Laptops with the same 12V car adapter input.

You can even get a Car Power USB adapter that adds a fully powered USB port to your cockpit, for use with any USB device! A Car Charger Adapter is small enough that having one around for emergencies is a no-brainer.

4) USB Hub

On the Topic of Adapters, USB Devices! Charging phones with fast-charge thunderbolt and making sure your camera pics of the camping holiday are safe and saved simultaneously? It isn’t wizardry, it’s a USB HUB05!

Essentially you can use the USB, Micro / USB-C, SD card adapter and even HDMI cables all into the same box. This helps you manage charge, transfer data, and share DSLR pics instantly without having to get to a PC to process the SD card. Following the theme, this USB hub is small and that means you can keep it in a glove compartment, camping bag, handbag or large pocket for all situations.

We all know that triumphantly pulling out the right tool for the job gives everyone a huge amount of serotonin, so be ready!

5) A Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you haven’t looked into IP Rating and how it affects your tech then read this piece that summarises what exactly IPX5 means! Because a speaker with IPX5 is perfect for car camping trips that want a small but powerful way to play music for the trip and the destination alike. The speaker contains two separate driver units for a deeper sound and rich audio experience all while being IPX5 rated.

Other options include using two smaller portable Bluetooth speakers. Separate stereo speakers with Bluetooth or Wired 3.5mm connections. These are perfect for more on-the-move situations, and can be kept in a picnic bag to easily deploy on the corners of the picnic rug and surround yourself with high-fidelity music outdoors.

A Wireless Speaker isn't just great for pit-stops and journeys but also gives you a way to listen to radio, watch TV and even take phone calls with your whole party talking together at once. This makes them a perfect addition to your car camping gear.

6) A Flameless Lighter for Camping

Lighting fires and camping go hand-in hand, but we’re going to advise against using your standard fire-lighting methods when it’s just a cigarette! A flameless lighter is the safer, more efficient and eco-friendly option for lighting up in outside areas. Not to mention they are usable in wind and damp unlike a normal gas lighter. Use a simple USB-C Charger Cable to keep topped-up and enjoy up to 30 days of lights with this rechargeable electronic lighter.

7) Carry Cases and Accessories

Careful packing and space-saving hacks are popular topics when trying to set off on a car camping trip. Being able to relax and have peace-of-mind about your tech is a lifesaver, and really makes the whole idea more appealing! A handy, pocket-laden Tablet / Laptop case can help stay organised and keep your device accessible even after it’s been shoved in the boot.

A Hardcase for folding headphones helps you keep passengers in reach of important travel gadgets without your Bluetooth headphones being loose in the car. Stay focused on the drive and stay organised while having all the music and road-trip entertainment sorted. Perfect for beach trips and easily getting your audio kit from the car to a picnic site, beach spot or vista.

EP725 Earbuds Connected By A Wire To A Wireless Receiver

8) Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

Rest and recuperation are nothing to slack off on when it comes to a big trip. Staying on top of your fatigue is important in making sure you are able to enjoy the trip and have the mental capacity for the day! To that end, a pair of noise-cancelling earbuds are an excellent choice.

A pair as tiny and subtle as the EP725’s or EPG500s make relaxing in peace possible even with light rain, wind, campsite ambience and nearby campervans / traffic. Choose the best Active Noise Cancelling device for you and enjoy moments of calm on a chaotic journey (Or, if you’re lucky, an equally calming one)

AUDAR E1 Smart Health Watch Displays an ECG Electrocardiograph

9) CareMate Health Watch

There’s much more to tracking health nowadays than a simple pedometer and bpm count. The range of CareMate technology smart health watches are innovating in the field by providing a wireless, internet and app-free solution to health tracking.

Track calories, blood pressure, full ECG Data and more, but most importantly use the namesake CareMate system to share and react to friend data. This means you can add your family onto your watch and the trusted responder will be alerted if your vitals ever spike, or remain above or below a certain level too long. This can make camping and hiking and trip away much more comfortable, as even vulnerable or elderly members have a way of acting independently without it being unsafe and unsupervised.

The range of smart watches using CareMate is stocked by Daffodil and the technology is only becoming more beneficial by the day. Take your trip in peace and enjoy looking over your tracked health data in the optional App after you’re home!

The PUM300 Pump LCD screen and nozzle attachments

10) Multi-Purpose Electric Air Pump

Air Beds, Tyres, Footballs, Balloons, there really are a number of items we need to inflate on road trips and camping holidays! From being able to get a good nights sleep to relaxing in the mid-morning with a game of football a compact air pump is vital for your car.

Fitting into a glovebox, this PUM300 has minimal vibration noise and is useable as a cordless tyre inflator! Perfect for night-time inflations of air beds or tyres if you break down at night. Fitted with a light and holding wireless charge keeps you moving, keeps you camping and keeps your mind at ease.


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